The Formula Offroad Tour

Departure: Upon request
Duration: 3-4 hours.
Price per person: See Prices
Minimum number of participants: 1 person
Maximum number of participants: 10 people, for larger groups we make offers, see price.
Minimum age: To take a ride you have to be 14 years of age, but to come along as a friend there is no age limit.
You bring with you: GUTS and good shoes that can get dirty. Bring lots of guts.
We provide safety gear: Helmet, hood, overall and gloves.
Included: During the trip we offer refreshments.
Extra: Pick up at hotel/residence in the Capital Area for a fee. If we remember to put in the GoPro’s you can buy the memory card for a fee.


Departure is from Offroad Iceland headquarters at Fossaleyni 16 112 Reykjavík. Safety is our priority number 1 so we provide you with a helmet, hood, an overall and gloves for your protection during the ride.

We take the Team Bus to the practice range and the truck is set up for the ride, the right tires and settings have to be in place. When the truck, the driver and the passenger are ready, we can get dirty. We can’t describe the feeling, this is something you have to experience yourself. We have heard “Insane” (but that is also the name of one of the trucks), “amazing” and “awsome” and a lot of “YooooHoooo’s” but we’re sure you can come up with your own terms to describe your ride.

After the once in a lifetime ride we take you back, hopefully in one piece, but you won’t be quite the same. Spend the day with us in a Off Road Formula Truck and create unforgettable memories.

Nice to know

You will get dirty. Ladies, leave the stilettos at home.

Last chance

If you are a group with a steg or a hen (last chance before the wedding bells ring) a ride with a Off Road Formula Truck is a great treat. Our Team Bus accomodates 10 people and others can get to the site in private vehicles if you have a large entourage. Contact Us and we will create a special day for your group. Alcohol consumption is allowed within reason (we don’t drink and drive) and the passenger can’t be intoxicated and will not be taken for a ride against his/hers will.


All passengers in a Formula Offroad Vehicle go for the ride willingly and at own responsibility. Offroad Iceland does not assume any responsibility for accidents caused by passengers or due to passengers actions. All passengers sign a weaver before the ride is taken stating that they realize that there is an inherent risk involved in Offroad Formula driving and exercise.

Experience the Adventure

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